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Helping Workers for 100+ Years

The New Zealand Meat Workers and Related Trades Union (Inc.) helps the country’s meat industry workers with employment agreements, health and safety issues and many other industrial relations and social issues. We’ve been doing this since 1912.


The New Zealand Meat Workers Union covers up to 23,000 permanent and seasonal workers employed at over 75 sites in the New Zealand meat industry, including:

Meat Processing Plants | Seafood | Vegetable | Cultured and/or Protein Processing | Tanneries 

Fertiliser Plants | Tripe and Tallow Processors | Halal Operations | Casings | Small Goods Processors

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Union members are entitled to group scheme discount health insurance through Christchurch-based Unimed. Unimed has branch offices in all main centres, and a local representative will visit your workplace on request.

Some Branches and Sub Branches arrange with local business houses for a reduction in the purchase price of goods and your local Union Office will have details of this.Recently the Union has begun a series of Training Seminars for job delegates to provide a better insight into Employment Law and advice on handling day-to-day problems with immediate supervisors and management.

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